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Squirreltopia Wildlife Rescue and Sanctuary Welcomes You

How can I help?

Squirreltopia is run by volunteers, and is funded completely by private donations and out-of-pocket.  We do not receive any government funding.  Every animal rescued and housed depends on your generosity, and we are extremely grateful for your heartfelt donations.

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Squirreltopia is temporarily unable to operate onsite.  If you need help with a wildlife situation go to to find a rehabilitator near you.


Wildlife Rehabilitation

Wildlife rehabilitation is more commonly known as wildlife rescue.  Wildlife rehabilitators, from our point of view, take in orphaned and injured wildlife, provide care and housing to accommodate their individual needs, provide proper nutrition for optimal development and healing, treat medical issues, and make every attempt to get them back to the wildlife if they're able to survive on their own.
Photo:  Infant eastern grey squirrels,

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