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They're falling and being cut down out of trees. The BEST thing you can do for them is give them back to their panicked Mommy! UNLESS they're injured. If you see bleeding and/or bruising, and/or a cat or dog brought them to you, immediately contact a rehabber. Time matters for treatment.


A small box is best. When it's cold they need warmth, but try not to make them too comfortable so they will cry for mom. You can staple the box to the tree, I've seen people wrap duct tape all the way around the tree and the box, nail it to the tree, or wedge it between the trunk and a branch. If their tree was destroyed, pick the closest tree. ***DO NOT LEAVE THE BOX ON THE GROUND*** Predators and ants are likely to get them.


Use a blanket and a rice sock or a well wrapped Hot Hands. ***DO NOT USE WATER BOTTLES*** they will squish and smother baby squirrels when they roll.

Stay away. Stay in the house or the car, well away so Mommy feels safe enough to come retrieve her babies. If you can watch from a window for their safety, that's perfect. Check on them every couple of hours quickly and then go back inside. If a predator is stalking them, bring them in and contact a rehabber.

If mom doesn't come back:

Pinkies can't go very long without eating, so by the time it gets dark you need to find a rehabber. Animal Help Now is a great resource. ***DO NOT TRY TO FEED THEM ANYTHING*** That means, no water, no cow milk, no puppy or kitten milk, etc... Absolutely nothing. The chances of pneumonia from breathing in fluids is much more dangerous than waiting until you find a rehabber. Simply keep them warm and contact someone with experience.

Since we lost so many to Esbilac and aren't using it, we have nothing store bought to recommend, so take them to someone that will already have proper supplies on hand.


Your State's DNR or F&W (Wildlife Law Enforcement) will have a list of wildlife rehabilitators on their website, too.

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